Sunday, December 26, 2010

It been a long time

Wow, it been a long time I didn't blog... today I was too boring staying at home and surf around the net. In the end, I decided to blogging.

All this while I was so busy as usual... study, assignment, exam and internship. This coming week will be my last week of internship. Next month will be my results coming out. Now, I'm un-officially or partially a graduates. Honestly, I would rather to rest and play around first before start back to the working worlds I belongs to. Unfortunately, my parents not allowed. Huh~

My friend is getting married next month. Huh~ What a surprise that dating not even half year. Just few months need to get married already. All it is because she is pregnant. She have no choice.

Chinese New Year will be in 2 months times. Brother Kevin will be back soon. Can't wait to meet him again. Coz February 8th is his birthday. Can celebrate with him again before he back to Su Zhou again. Was wondering when he want to stay there until.

This 2 weeks my results will be release soon. I'm praying hard that I able to get through. Now I'm hoping there is miracle happen. I trust miracle very much.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Experiencing last minutes work

Its been few months I didn't blogging... coz as usual I was very busy and now its super busy. I'm doing my final year project - thesis... and this is the most headache, stressful and complicated work. huh~

This is the 1st time I experiencing studying last minutes for final exam. Normally I won't do that... this semester because of my thesis. So, its drag me to study in so last minutes. What is the lesson is, it is stressful that you know you not enough time to prepare well and its makes you so stressful.

Next semester is my last semester in University. I hope everything will be alright. Coz I don't want to stay in University anymore.

Until now, I need to stop here.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


STOP! Can you stop disturbing me with your love life? Don't tell me yoour story, don't ask me question. I really fed up of that. I know you too well. You are the one want to ask but don't accept people opinion and easy to get angry.

I don't really like your boyfriend actually. I honestly tell you. But, I know you sure not happy. That's why I decided to keep ot.

Please! I'm really tired and hard to breath. Just let me alone and live peacefully can?

Don't forget that the guy is you choosed not me. How well you know him? Try to ask yourself... How long you know him, you definitely you know. You want to accept him is your problem. Don't come to me ok???

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Long Time

Wow... it has been long time since last i blog. Maybe i was too busy... haha... ya... i was busy.

New semester started one month. That month i was superb busy. Coz I was in my final 2nd semester. Which means that i'm starting with my thesis. At the same time, I got to attend all the workshop that had prepared for us. And in the same semester, we still have our class to go on... I got 3 subjects, 3 assignment, 3 mid-term, 1 presentation, 1 thesis proposal, 3 final exams and most importantly now also doing some process of finding job-training company and getting apporval and etc for november. Huh~ some of you might think that wa.... so many things... are you crazy? No.... I'm not crazy and I don't want to be like this. Is the uni want to be like this. Damm stress~ huh~

I have a friend of mine start dating with a guy that she don't even know for long. They just know each other and the guy fall in love with her. And she accept him without thinking too much. But, sad case is, she even worst after accept him. She always look for me and ask this ask that, called me accompany her find the guy. What la... is your own boyfriend and you know that his life is like this, what for you angry with, and that's your boyfriend, why want to to accompany you go find him? Don't want accompany you, you don't go. Then blame on me... what la you? Please la... think maturelly ok? You are so childish after accept him. As you know that how busy I am now. Please!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I want Iphone since last month. But, sad that I'm poor. Not enough money yet. So, I got to wait until I save enough money in order to get one.

Daddy become so naughty. He got one. Me and my brother so jealous about it. Ish~ daddy so bad... get one for himself, not sponsoring me also although he know that I wish to have one!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Grandma again

Grandma is in hospital again~ This time is because of her leg.

She was complaining that her leg is pain and cannot walk. My aunt send her to hospital and the doctor said she need to stay.

Heard from my mum said that, her leg maybe is because last time she fall down and affected. The bone is crack and its makes her leg become pain, "zhong" and makes her can't walk. Now she got to stay in hospital for two weeks to help her make her bone straight back.

I saw the video that my aunt posted in facebook, my heart is so painful when I saw her leg was bandaged up in order to pull the bone straight.

Hope grandma recover soon and hope nothing is happen to her again~

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Time past so fast

Nowadays don't know why I felt that a lot of things happen around me I thought not long time ago... but, actually its happened few years ago... Huh~ Time really past so fast...

Hopefully I can graduate by end of this year. Joined this University in year 2008. Now already year 2010. So fast~ I can see a lot of changes in this University as well. I also changed too... Hehe...